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  • Set of 25 prepared slides, including plants, insects, and animal tissues, for use in biological education
  • Samples preserved in cedar wood oil and sealed with a coverslip to preserve specimens and prevent contamination
  • Labeling provides specimen identification
  • Slides are composed of optical glass for clear viewing
  • Set comes in fitted wooden storage box to prevent breakage and ease handling
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Watch Trailer

See Little Pim and friends play with their toys and explore the different rooms and items around the home. Children will learn more than 60 Spanish words and phrases to use around the home!

Little Pim
34 minutes

Available to watch on supported devices.

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  • Unique liquid ink formula maintains consistent flowing strokes
  • Incredibly smooth, skip-free writing
  • Visible ink supply lets you see how much ink is left
  • Extra fine point (0.5mm) for precise writing
  • Pouch contains 7 pens in assorted colors
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  • Titanium Steel, Laser Cutting and Polishing Technique
  • Light and Comfortable to Wear
  • Comes with a Gift Box, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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  • 11.5" x 20" Bookplate tilts and is fully adjustable, 1" platform hold thin books or music sheets
  • Metal spring arm extensions hold music sheets securely in place
  • Two tier vertical shaft, makes this stand perfect for sitting or standing. Height adjusts from 28" to 52"
  • Tripod leg assembly adjusts to tight spaces and folds flat for storage
  • Light weight and easily portable. Comes with carry bag
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